Discretionary Funds

The most successful community foundations are ones who have the capacity to make significant community impact. That impact happens when they have substantial discretionary funding capability.

A key asset of a community foundation is having the ability to respond to immediate or unplanned community needs. This is done by having the funding capacity to direct charitable funds in a strategic way to support important community needs, issues and opportunities. To this end, the Board of Directors and staff will develop a pool of unrestricted discretionary funds to be used to support community needs and priorities as determined by the Board of Directors. The Fort Dodge Community Foundation will allocate an appropriate percentage of charitable funds for discretionary grant purposes.

Benefits of Discretionary Funds

Discretionary funds allow the Fort Dodge Community Foundation:

  • To have more flexibility and the ability to respond to emerging community needs and opportunities that align with the goals of the Fort Dodge Community Foundation.
  • To have a greater impact in our community and region by strategically using charitable funds to address important community challenges and opportunities.
  • To respond to unplanned, unexpected and/or emergency community needs.

Grantmaking is at the heart of the Fort Dodge Community Foundation’s work to enhance the quality of life in the greater Fort Dodge area. With deep roots in our community and expertise in effective philanthropy, we are positioned to assess community needs and opportunities and support quality programs providing solutions.

We award grants annually to nonprofits for a broad array of charitable purposes in areas such as education, the environment, the arts, health, social services and more.

Our discretionary grants are awarded to respond to new programs, emerging needs and innovative services for the benefit of our community. Applications for discretionary grants are accepted annually from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations serving Fort Dodge. We are particularly interested in grant proposals addressing currently unmet community needs and providing long-term solutions.

The Board of Directors of the Fort Dodge Community Foundation has the authority to award discretionary grants and may be aided in its efforts by Fund Advisory Committees constituted for that purpose.

For more information on discretionary funds, contact Randy Kuhlman, CEO, at 515.573.3171 or rk@fd-foundation.org.