Donating Farm Land


Dear Landowners,

Have you ever considered the profound impact you could make by donating your land to the Fort Dodge Community Foundation? Your generous gesture can create a lasting legacy that will benefit the community and the environment for years. Donating your land can preserve natural habitats, promote sustainable practices, and support important causes. Not only will your donation be a gift to future generations, but it can also provide significant tax benefits and opportunities for favorable publicity. Your kindness and generosity can impact the world, showcasing your commitment to making a difference. Please help us in making a difference through the power of land donation. 


Make a gift during your lifetime: Outright Gifts.

When a donor makes an outright gift of land, the land may remain in production at their request. Donating land bypasses capital gains and allows you to deduct the fair market value of the gift. The gift may also be eligible for the Endow Iowa 25% state tax credit. Because the gift is during the donor's lifetime, the donor sees the impact their gift makes and, depending on the type of fund established, may actively participate in grantmaking.


Maintain an income source for life: Create a Life Estate Gift

Donor retains income and full use of the land for life. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction on the charitable portion of the gift. Upon the donor's death, annual income from the land fulfills the donor's philanthropic wishes. The donor may request that the land continue in production for a period following their death.







Leave a legacy after you’re gone: Through your will or trust

Make a specific request for land to the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and request the land remain in production for a stated period of time. By donating real estate, you bypass capital gains and your estate may deduct the fair market value of your gift.