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Right Turn Supervision Services LLC

Right, Turn Supervision Services LLC's mission is to support and develop positive changes in the individuals we are entrusted with. People are treated with dignity and respect and supported in the goal of becoming law-abiding productive members of our community. Right Turn offers a four (4)-hour course of parenting skills for divorcing and/or separating parents. The course will focus on what children need, healthy vs. problematic reactions, and how to identify and respond to your children's feelings. High conflict/DHS/Family court-involved cases can be accommodated.

Right Turns Supervision Services LLC (RTSS) is an approved provider for the Promoting Opportunities for Parents Program (POP2). Follow the link provided for the program overview/ expectations and application. The application must be filled out and provided to RTSS for submission for case review by the Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU).

Participants will complete a 7-week fee for service parenting class in order to be eligible for benefits. Call Right Turn Supervision Services LLC for more details. 515-302-8205 or check out the website.

Registration fees will apply.

Categories :   Family Services, Parenting

Phone Number :   515.302.8205

Address :   728 1st Ave N, Suite 1, Fort Dodge

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