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Central Iowa Community Services (CICS)

Webster County is part of the Central Iowa Community Services (CICS) mental health region. CICS seeks to provide individualized supports that assure choice, empowerment, and community integration for persons with mental illness, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. CICS serves to provide individuals with access to a regionwide system of services and supports by taking applications, making eligibility decisions, evaluating need, and working to create and implement a mental health and/or disability service (MHDS) plan.

Categories :   Crisis/Emergency Information, Disability Services, Mental Health Services

Phone Number :   (515) 573-1485

Address :   308 Central Ave, Fort Dodge

Website :

Services :   Disability Services, Emotional Support and Care Coordination with Local Agencies and Providers

Child Health Specialty Clinics

Child Health Specialty Clinics (CHSC) serves Iowa children and youth (from birth through 21 years of age) who have or are at risk of having a special health care need. These can include chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, behavioral or developmental disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or autism and more complex medical needs like spina bifida.

CHSC provides

  • Family to Family Support-individual problem solving and emotional support as you care for your child.
  • Care Coordination-help access the care your child needs.
  • Clinical Services-gap filling clinical services and access to pediatric specialty providers.
  • Systems Building-build partnerships and expand community based services and supports for families.

Categories :   Disability Services, Family Services, Health Services, Mental Health Services, Youth Services

Phone Number :   515.955.8326

Address :   Physicians Office Building West, 804 Kenyon Rd, Suite G

Website :

Contact Person :   Megan Sprecher

Contact Email :

Services :   Austism Program, Care For Children With Special Needs, Disability Services, Early ACCESS Service Coordination, Education, Emotional Support and Care Coordination with Local Agencies and Providers, Family to Family Support, Healthcare and Transitional Services and Support, Home Visits, IEP (Individualized Education Plan), IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan), Immunizations, Problem Solving, Spanish Interpretor, Special Needs Assistance, Telehealth, Transportation